The Company

When Beechwood began in 2004 our primary aim was to gain the trust of those we deal with. These include the solicitors who refer their clients to us, our agents who attend those clients on their behalf, and of course the clients themselves.

We recognise that each of these three groups have differing requirements and priorities. By treating each fairly and respectfully, we hope that everyone who deals with us will be satisfied with the experience.

Knowing that good reputations take years to build and minutes to lose, from the first day to the present one, we have set ourselves a high ethical standard in the way we operate.

Our Agents

We have agents based in the four corners of the United Kingdom and all points in between, giving us the ability to carry out instructions anywhere in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

UK Legal document signing services from Beechwood Solutions Limited

Our agents come from a wide variety of backgrounds, linked by their experience of investigation and statement taking. Without exception they are mature, reliable people who can be depended upon to perform to precise standards and use initiative where necessary.