Attending clients to explain, and obtain their signatures on, Conditional Fee Agreements and associated documents.

This is what the company was formed to do in 2004, and it remains our most popular service. Using Beechwood to explain these papers to your clients overcomes the problem of them being overwhelmed by their unfamiliarity, confused by the indemnity principle, and stands you in good stead if ever put to proof as to your explanation of the process, and its related documentation. This results in more papers being returned, accurately completed, in a shorter space of time.

Obtaining Statements of Truth from clients and witnesses

All of our agents are professionally trained statement takers through accredited, specific training. Combining the signing of CFA papers with the taking of a statement is an extremely cost effective way to gain the information you need.

UK Legal document signing services from Beechwood Solutions Limited
Tracing of clients and witnesses

Clients can disappear during the course of their claim, and log jam your costs by doing so. We have a very successful record of finding them, therefore solving a problem for both parties. Witnesses and defendants can also be found if required.

Producing locus reports

From pavement defects to complex RTAs we can provide valuable reports containing photographs, sketches and statements to assist you in settling claims.

Reconnecting Clients

It is all too common when claiming Credit Hire charges for clients to become unresponsive due to being under the mistaken impression that the charges are nothing to do with them. We have considerable experience with resolving these situations which can include getting assignment forms signed, questionnaires completed and impecuniosity evidence obtained.

Money Laundering ID Checks

We can assist you in complying with the requirements of Money Laundering legislation by confirming the identity of your clients in person. Utility bills, passports and driving licences can all be examined at the client’s address, thus avoiding the usually unwelcome prospect of posting them to you.

Evidence gathering to support claims

House to house enquiries, to establish the age of pavement defects, or potholes, is a popular instruction, along with covert photography and surveillance.

Conducting Police interviews

Having a nationwide network of experienced statement takers at your disposal can save your Fee Earners from having to make long journeys to perform this task.

Process Serving

We provide a compliant service for the serving of papers anywhere in the UK.

CICA and MIB papers explained and signatures obtained

As with CFAs, we can explain this paperwork to your clients, in the comfort of their own homes, and get it accurately completed, and returned to you without delay.

What Else?

Having started out intending to provide a CFA signing service, the list above has evolved over time as our reputation for efficiency has grown. Perhaps there is something we can do for you that no one else has asked us for so far?