Why should I use Beechwood instead of posting CFAs to my clients?

Acquiring good, genuine claimants isn’t a cheap process. Using Beechwood can result in you securing 95% of the claims that you want to take on. We’re told by solicitors that postal response rates are often around 50%, so there’s one very good reason.

  • No more chasing clients for the return of paperwork
  • Papers are returned much faster.
  • Paperwork is completed accurately.
  • Clients are reassured by a face to face meeting at the start of their claim.

So using Beechwood results in more claims, happier clients, and a lot less aggravation in your office.

UK Legal document signing services from Beechwood Solutions Limited
Why should I change to Beechwood from the company we’re using?

Modesty forbids us from saying why we are better than the rest. We would however be happy to put you in touch with some of the solicitors who use us, so that they can tell you why they like working with us. We can say that when we are put in direct competition with others, we invariably come out on top, so why not call us now to discuss a trial, and see for yourself the difference we can make?

Why should I use Beechwood to take my client’s statements?

We can provide you with statements assembled from information gathered by experts, who have seen your clients in relaxed circumstances. This is an efficient and cost effective method of providing you with the information you need to formulate your client’s claim and often includes important details that may not be mentioned on the phone.

How can I be sure that Beechwood checks for BTE Insurance properly?

We are fully aware of the importance of this function, and will agree a method of reporting this information to you in a format that will provide you, and your client, with the required level of protection.

How long does it take to turn papers round?

85% of instructions are returned within two weeks. A job taking any longer than that would be because the client was not available for an earlier appointment.

What will it cost?

Using Beechwood makes sound economic sense, or we wouldn’t be in business. The actual cost of our service depends on what you specifically require us to do, which we will be happy to discuss with you.

Where does Beechwood cover?

England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

What feedback do you give?

Your Fee Earners are able to track and trace the progress of ongoing instructions by logging on to our computer system at any time.